• From United Kingdom
  • WE CALL IT «TED A CAR» Exclusive collection of perfumed air fresheners penetrated with famous male and female fragrances. It is being made of high-quality cardboard, which consists of specially adapted cellulose. The 5 cardboard layers which consist of specially adapted cellulose are being compressed to acquire its shape. A perfume is being evenly sprayed around the whole surface so that a freshener possesses an ideal amount of fragrance. All the materials are non-toxic as well as eco-friendly.
  • MORE THAN YOU EXPECT: Unlike other air fresheners that start to stink and being so exhausted after a couple of days using, our one has been designed in order to bring you satisfaction and sophistication throughtout the whole month! No more headaches or nausea cased chemical odor. Ideal for your Car, wardrobe, kitchen, shoe storage, restroom, small room, handbag and even for your purse/wallet! NOTE: To make the fragrance more long- lasting, take out the fresher from the plastic bag gradually

Green tea flavour

SKU: F14
  • 3" x 3.5" (Approx)

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