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AJ's Corvette C7 Z51




Hani Alsultan

Instagram @hnooyksa





19x9.5 (F)

20x12 (R)




Airlift P3 Management

Universal Air Shocks Bags




ZR1 Style Body Kit

Vicrez Diffuser




K&N Air Intake

Borla X-Pipe




Why I "build" it:

I have always been obsessed with cars and customization. After selling my old bagged 350Z, I was in the market looking for a new build. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and pick something different, so I choose the Corvette C7. The reason was, because I haven't seen a stanced C7 before, I choose it, to be different and to stand out. I'm happy with how the car turned out so far, ps. more to come.




Instagram @aj.vett

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