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Jason's Lexus LS430





David Lemus

Instagram @shotbygliz






20x9.5 -2 (F)

20x10.5 +0 (R)




Airlift P3 Management

Figs Engineering Toe Arms

Figs Engineering Camber Arms

Figs Engineering Trac Links





Version Select Lip Kit

Custom Headlights

Yakima Baseline Roof Rack

Thule XT Motion Alpine Roof Box

Ulterior Motive SV2 Metal Fender Flares



Junction Produce Neck Pillows
Junction Produce Curtains
Custom Quilted Floor Mats
HiBo Design Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Tesla Style Screen (1st in USA)





Dual Viair 480c Compressors

Airlift 5 Gal Tank Brushed

Custom Wood Floor





Why I "build" it:

No, I wasn't the first owner of this car by any means, there were previous owners before that did most of the hard work on this car, including the major things like the Ulterior Motive Fender Flares that was beautifully done by Kevin IG: @alwayspissd. Big props to him for doing such a great job on ensuring that the flares were done right. So technically, no, I didn't build this car. I simply added some of my own touches to this build. I've added all of the interior pieces and the roof rack, so it isn't technically a build. Funny story, I saw this car back in 2018 and I wanted it so bad, but couldn't afford it. In 2020 it then popped up again for sale, and I was sure going to get it this time. My plans for this car is to do a full metal High Radius Wide Body, and complimenting it with Black Pearl Body Kit. But that is for the future. This car won best Lexus at Gatlinburg 2020, but I was not satisfied because it isn't my official build, but I plan on making it my own in the future.





Instagram @imnotja_son

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