2009 -2014 

Options Available please choose carefully as once its ordered you can’t change the order.

This a fully customized genuine  OEM steering wheel. It will be D-Cut on the top or bottom stitched in the color you chose from the options and also wrapped in CF & Leather or Alcantara or you can choose to have it full wrapped in leather or fully wrapped in Alcantara .

  • *Your OEM controls and components transfer to the new wheel
  • * Doesn’t include controls or airbag
  • *Middle Carbon Fiber Piece NOT Included 


Core Exchange Policy

  • If you purchase at full price $800 or $850. Once you receive your new wheel you will ship your old wheel to us. Once it has been received by us we will then issue a $80 refund to your account. You must pick Core Exchange at checkout to get this option. If you don’t return your core within 2 weeks of receiving your new wheel then your deposit is forfeited and you will not be able to return your core to us for the $80 refund.*Please remove the air bag, all controls and parts prior to sending your core in for exchange or to be made into a D-Cut wheel. You will need all the screws, air bag and controls when your wheel is returned to you.


You Supply The Wheel

  • This means you have a spare wheel, going to be ordering a wheel or sending in your wheel to be worked on to avoid the deposit. We will contact you after payment within 24-48 hours to arrange for our address so you can send in your wheel. If you are buying a spare wheel, we can also send you our address to send it directly to so that you don't have to pay for double shipping.


Service Type
D-Cut wheel
  • ETA is 6-8 weeks for delivery and fabricating *Holiday’s can also extend fabricating & shipping time

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